Monday Notes, December 7 2020

Greetings Team,

I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the incredible weekend–yet another in a long string of amazing weekends! My wife Michelle and I (now I have to say “my wife Michelle” so as not to be confused with our new colleague) got out for a great XC ski on Sunday at Meissner and Swampy–perfect conditions!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Staff Meeting this Wednesday, 2pm. My WebEx room:

2) Amity visit on Wednesday, December 16! TIME CHANGE: 3:30pm. This will be a chance for us to get a sneak peak as they near completion of the project. Hopefully we’ll get a definitive completion/move-in date–fingers crossed!

3) Bus evacuation video. Thanks to those that have indicated you shared the video with your class last week. If you’ve shared the video with your class but have not let me know, please do so. If you haven’t shown the video yet, please do so first thing this week and let me know when you’ve done so. Thanks!

4) I know that providing meaningful feedback for all the work that students are turning in can be really overwhelming–I want to help! If you’d like some support providing feedback, please reach out and let me know. I’m happy to take some of this on for you!

5) We have a couple of birthdays this week–Jim on Wednesday, and Matt on Thursday. A very happy birthday to both of you!

6) I’m putting final touches on our hidden talent/silly video and hope to send it out Monday afternoon.

December 9: Staff meeting, 2pm
December 16: Amity visit! 3:30pm
December 21-January 1: Winter Break–No School!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

26 thoughts on “Monday Notes, December 7 2020”

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