Monday, February 22 2021

Good Morning!
I hope you had an amazing weekend. It’s hard to believe but K-3 kiddos have been back in school for a month now! I want to thank you again (and again and again) for making the return to school so smooth, and for finding ways to keep the joy alive in these challenging conditions. Things are obviously so different, but I still see really happy kiddos every day!

A few notes for the week:
1) Lottery Info Night is this Wednesday from 5:30-6:30pm in my WebEx room. I was able to finish the video on Friday and post if for prospective parents to watch. I am including it below in case you want to see it–it’s 54 minutes long and I think it does as good a job as possible (given it’s a video) at capturing what Amity is all about. Thanks again for your contributions! Also, I am looking for a volunteer to monitor the chat for questions during the WebEx session, and to share the questions as they come up–just let me know if you are willing.

2) For your calendar, our next Staff Meeting is March 3 at 2pm.

3) Please take a moment on Monday morning to review some playground rules/guidelines with your kiddos (trying to avoid the “No, no, no” but some things are no, no, no):
*If you take out a ball, jump rope, or hula hoop please return it
*Please leave the zone cones where they are–we keep finding them spread out all over the playground
*Slides are for sliding down, please do not climb up the slides
*Walking on the play structure only–no tag games
*Please do not jump off the swings, slow down your swing and get off safely

4) Returning to Amity update…still waiting to hear a definitive plan. So sorry for this long wait, but the deadline keeps getting shifted due to delays in delivery of needed supplies. For now, let’s just enjoy the comfort of our North Star hotel stay and I’ll let you know when I have a definitive plan. Thanks for your patience!

5) Quick topic for our staff meeting next week: for Conversations April 14-16 would you prefer to do Wednesday and Thursday (with a long day on Thursday) and take Friday off, or use Wednesday for prep and do Conversations on Thursday and Friday? Historically we have opted for the option that takes Friday off, but the topic is up for discussion. Please consider your preference and discuss amongst yourselves over the next week.

February 24
: Lottery Info Night (WebEx), 5:30pm
March 22-26: Spring Break, No School
April 14-16: Conversations

Here’s to another great week ahead!

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