Monday, March 1 2021

Welcome to March!
What an incredible weekend of Spring-like weather. I had the great honor of celebrating my grandson Teo’s 3rd birthday at a cabin at Suttle Lake complete with hiking, sledding, camp fire, and bbq ribs–he loves his ribs!

A few notes for the week:
1) It’s Classified Employee Week! We are so lucky to have such an incredible support staff at Amity: Patti, Mindy, Nathan, Brad, and Karima! In their honor there will be some delicious treats in the staff room on Tuesday morning–come have a taste.

2) Staff Meeting on Wednesday, 2pm (in person). Lots of catching up to do!

3) Friday came and went with no update about our move back to Amity. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.

4) Mindy will be out on Monday.

5) We will have EBISS meetings on March 9 (Grade 4 and 5 on the 10th, I’ll touch base this week)–please have some reading/writing/math data to share for students of concern. Brad will cover Kinder, Grade 2, and Grade 3. Grade 1 classes will be at music.
*Kinder: 10:00am
*Grade 1: 12 (Amanda), 12:30 (Sara) 
*Grade 2: 10:30am
*Grade 3: 1pm

6) We’ll have team meeting time at our March 17 SIW. I’ll share more info as we get closer. We’ll meet 2-3:30pm.

March 3:
Staff Meeting, 2pm (in person)
March 17: Team meetings during SIW, 2pm
March 22-26: Spring Break, No School
April 14-16: Conversations

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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  4. Unfortunately, there was no update on Friday regarding the Among Us move back to Amity. Rest assured, you’ll be informed as soon as there’s any news.

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