Monday AM Notes, March 15 2021 Home Sweet Home!

Welcome Back Y’all!
I had no idea how great it would feel to be back in this building–it feels amazing! One giant step forward towards reconnecting with our roots!

A few notes as we begin anew:
1) All school sing-a-long at 8:15am Monday morning: The Amity Song Returns courtesy of Nathan. We’ll broadcast over the intercom at 8:15am if it’s working, otherwise we’ll have Nathan roaming the hallway playing his loudest.

2) Once the gym is operational we’ll use a google doc to sign up for usage time–stay tuned.

3) I’ve dropped off copies of the new zone rotations in your classrooms. Lindsey has offered to flex her recess times on Monday so we can keep our schedule the same while we don’t have access to the gym (we’ll have it Tuesday). For Monday, Grade 1 and 2 rotation is as follows:
AM Recess: Grade 1 in Zone 1, Garde 2 in Zone 2
Lunch Recess: Grade 1 in Zone 2, Garde 2 in Zone 2
PM Recess: Grade 1 in Zone 1, Garde 2 in Zone 2

4) We’ll be adding back 30 minutes of PE per class per week. Mindy will take each class beginning after Spring Break. I’ll get a schedule together this week. Thanks for going without for so long, I truly appreciate it!

5) Walking field trips. I’m being told we are still not allowed to do any field trips of any kind–so, we’ll need to hold off for a little while. However, since our field is still not usable, I’m giving you permission to use Troy Field whenever you want.

6) Staff meeting on Wednesday at 2pm. Let’s use this time to troubleshoot issues that come up with our return and to strategize how to build back our community. Please come with ideas!

7) Let’s make time for a drink together on Thursday after school, 3:30pm. If it’s nice weather we’ll meet somewhere outside, if not we’ll find a spot we can meet indoors. Please come if you can!

I think that’s it, but my mind is a bit mushy at the moment. I’m going to miss seeing you every time you use the bathroom, so please be sure to stop by and visit me in the office…

It’s so, so good to be back at Amity with all of you! Here’s to starting anew!

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