Monday AM Notes, Sept 6 2021–First Week!

Hello Team!
I hope the long weekend treated you well and that it was just what you needed to be truly ready for our big week ahead (even with the smoke). I have had numerous emails from parents letting me know how excited their kiddos are to be returning to/starting school this week. It’s an especially big week for us as we start the school year as a new team and I couldn’t be more optimistic about the year ahead! If there is anything I can do to support you this week as we launch please don’t hesitate to reach out!

For those that are new, the Monday AM Notes are usually sent out late Sunday afternoon or very early Monday morning. It’s important that you read the notes prior to the start of school on Monday as there may be very relevant information that you will need first thing. It’s helpful to have your calendar next to you when you read the notes to make sure you don’t miss important dates and times.

Here are some notes to get us going our first week:
1) You should have received an email from me regarding some plans we discussed for the first 2 weeks of school: Wednesday’s Community Time outside, Buddies, PE/Music, Team Planning Times, and art times

2) What to cover with students first week
*Must be worn at all times indoors and getting ready to return inside
*May take off for snack, lunch, and recess–any time outside
*Masks can be put in a pocket or around the wrist when off

*Must keep 6 feet of distancing (come up with some approximate measurement for students to use) anytime students are eating (inside and outside)

Washing and Sanitizing
*Encourage good hygiene practice–washing hands regularly, especially before eating and after using the bathroom. Encourage frequent washing!

*NO limits on number of students in the bathroom, but as always if it seems overly crowded have some students wait int he hallway.

In and out to playground
*Class walks in and out together with teacher
*Wait in designated area for pick up
*We’ll do pick up line for K-4, K starting at the LOVE wall and then in class order to the edge of the field for Grade 4. Grade 5 will meet Ray in the lunch table area. I’ll mark the head of the lines for reference.

*Encourage 3 feet of distancing while playing

End of day
*Walk students to designated pick-up areas (same as lunch spot) and stay with them
*Please try to make some form of contact with each parent/guardian as they pick up students

Cough or sneeze?
*Into the elbow crease please!

3) Info regarding air quality I will be sharing with parents:
With the return of considerable smoke this past week I wanted to share some information about how we track the air quality in Bend and how we make decisions about mitigation strategies. We use the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality website to monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) and use the guide below to help us make decisions. If you’re not familiar with monitoring air quality have a look here:Oregon Deptartment of Environmental Quality. The AQI is updated hourly and we use the reading closest to the time we plan to be outside to make decisions. If your child tends to be particularly sensitive to the smoke, for specific medical or other reasons, please be sure we are aware of this. Please email both me and Patti: [email protected] AND [email protected]

4) Please be sure to include your Back to School Night (virtual) date and time in parent communications. This will be done via Webex so it would be good to re-familiarize yourself prior to the day! (Sadie, we’ll need to get you set up on WebEx soon!)

5) Grade 1 teacher search update: We are actively accepting applications (post is official on district website) and meeting with candidates. We hope to make a hire within the next week. HIUGE thanks to Sara for helping with this transition and looking after the Grade 1 kiddos in the meantime!

*Sept 8: First day–full school day. Community Time at 1:45pm
*Sept 9: Field Games in PM–sign up! 1:30-2:15pm
*Sept 10: PM recess and popsicles, 1:45pm
*Sept 14: Back to School (Virtual) K and 1, 5:30pm
*Sept 16: Back to School (Virtual) 4 and 5, 5:30pm
*Sept  21: Back to School (Virtual) Grade 2, 5:50pm
*Sept 23: Back to School (Virtual) Grade 3, 5:30pm

I couldn’t be more excited to be starting the year with this incredible team!

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