Monday AM Notes, September 13 2021

Good Morning All!
I hope you enjoyed the glorious weekend and the freshness after a Fall rainstorm! It was a definite reset for me. And congrats on getting through a wacky, but wonderful first week of school last week!

Last weekend Michelle and I hiked up to Little Three Creeks Lake to escape the smoke for little while. While we didn’t totally escape the smoke we did find ourselves perched and mesmerized alongside the inlet to the lake. I videoed 30 seconds at the inlet that I want to challenge you to stop, take a deep breath, and watch before reading any further. It’s a busy week ahead, take a moment to take a few deep breaths. (Turn up the volume)

I want to start the morning notes with a HUGE welcome to our newest team member Lauren Romney who will be taking over the first grade class this year. Lauren starts today and will spend the week with Sara getting comfortable with the class (and Amity) and then will likely start on her own next Monday. Please welcome Lauren with open arms and lots of Amity love! We’re super excited to have her joining us!

A few notes to get you going (lots to share):
1) I’ll be off campus starting at 11:30am today and will be unreachable for the rest of the day. In case of emergency, Patti has Skip’s phone number (for those that don’t know, Skip is my boss).

2) As we settle in let’s remember the importance of being extremely vigilant in terms of masks and distancing. The current variant is insanely contagious and we want to do all we can to keep our students and ourselves safe. I am hopeful we will not have to eat inside again (or much in the coming weeks) but when we do it is vital that we maintain 6 feet of physical distance between students. This is our most vulnerable time and we need to be vigilant and relentless. As I always say, I have no desire to be on the front page of the newspaper. Let’s control what we can!

3) While I’m hopeful we don’t need this, in case we aren’t able to go outside for recess/lunch we’ll continue to use this gym schedule:
Morning Gym time-you can use for scooters or other games
8:30-8:45: Kinder
8:45-9:00: Grade 1
9:00-9:15: Grade 2
9:15-9:30: Grade 3
9:30-9:45: Grade 4
9:45-10:00: Grade 5

Snack: Eaten in classrooms, 6 feet of distancing.
Lunch: Eaten in the rooms and hallways/cafeteria (if extra space needed), 6 feet of distancing, supervised by EAs.  Games in the classroom, supervised by EAs.  Please let students know what they can play with and have games ready before you leave for lunch.

Afternoon Gym time-you can use for scooters or another game
12:00-12:15:  Kinder
12:15-12:30: Grade 1
12:30-12:45: Grade 2
12:45-1:00: Grade 3
1:00-1:15: Grade 4
1:15-1:30: Grade 5

4) Music and PE begin this week:
Monday, 12-1pm: Kinder (music first)/Grade 1 (PE first)
Tuesday, 12-1pm: Grade 2 (music first)/Grade 3 (PE first)
Thursday, 12-1pm: Grade 4 (music first)/ Grade 5 (PE first)

5) This Wednesday is a big day:
*Art begins for Grades K, 1, 3, and 4
*Health and Wellbeing with Brad starts for Grades 2 and 5
*We begin our Wednesday common planning time for K-2 and 3-5

Here’s how Wednesday will look (I will send another email on Tuesday outlining common planning time info):
*Art will begin at 8:30am for K/1 and will be supervised by EAs and me (Kelli and me with Grade 1, Jill and Karima with Kinder). Teachers, please leave activities for students to do after art and until recess.
*Grade 2 will be with Brad from 8:30-9:30
*K-2 teachers will meet in the Staff Lounge for planning time

*Art will begin at 10:00am for 3/4 and will be supervised by Alanna (3) and me (4). Teachers, please leave activities for students to do after art and until lunch.
*Grade 5 will be with Brad from 10:00-11:00
*3-5 teachers will meet in the Staff Lounge for planning time

6) We will have a Staff meeting on Wednesday starting at 1:30pm. We’ll meet in Ray’s room. I’m looking for a volunteer to lead a warm up activity. This can be a get to know you activity, mindfulness, something silly and fun, anything you’d like. Who’d like to step up for this week? Let me know.

7) As we settle in, establishing our routines is important. One thing I’d appreciate your help with is walking with your class to and from the playground, with you setting the pace (as opposed to following students who are running down the hallway). I’m counting on your support–thanks!

8) When you are on playground supervision please be sure that one of you has the red first aid bag that also contains the bell and you are aware what time the recess ends. I will not always be on the playground (just mostly) and it’s important that someone is aware of the time.

9) Contact tracing emails. If a child in your class tests positive for COVID you will likely receive a contact tracing email from the district–please be sure to respond to the email as quickly as possible. Responses to these emails are critical!

10) Virtual Back to School Nights are starting this week! Be sure you remember how to share the link to your Webex room and be sure to get it out to parents at least one day in advance. As a reminder, this does not need to be a big production–cover some of the basics (routines), what you’re diving into this first part of the year, what your passionate/excited about, what kind of engagement you are having with other classes (buddies, other), how parents can support their kiddos at home (and you at school), and leave time for Q and A. For fun you could ask them what they’ve learned about the class so far from their children–sometimes this can be hilarious!
In case you have forgotten:
*Sept 14: K and 1, 5:30pm
*Sept 16: 4 and 5, 5:30pm
*Sept  21: Grade 2, 5:30pm
*Sept 23: Grade 3, 5:30pm
***IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to either turn off the function that sends people to the waiting room upon entering or make sure you are monitoring the waiting room and let people in!

11) Grade 5 will host the first Community Time Thursday and Friday, September 23/24 (next week). On Thursdays Kinder/Grade 2/Grade 4 will attend. On Friday Grades 1/3/5 will attend. Future dates:
*Sept 30/Oct 1: Grade 3
*October 7/8: Grade 4
*October 14/15: Kinder
*October 21/22: Grade 2
*October 28/29: Grade 1

*Sept 15: Staff Meeting, 1:30pm
*Sept 14: Back to School (Virtual) K and 1, 5:30pm
*Sept 16: Back to School (Virtual) 4 and 5, 5:30pm
*Sept 21: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm
*Sept  21: Back to School (Virtual) Grade 2, 5:30pm
*Sept 22: Teacher directed SIW
*Sept 23: Back to School (Virtual) Grade 3, 5:30pm
*Sept 23/24: Grade 5 hosts Community Time!

Here’s to a great first full week!

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