Monday AM Notes, Sept 20 2021

Hey Team,
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and really enjoyed a little rain. Michelle and I got out to Fall River just as the rain was letting up and the sun came out-absolutely glorious!

Before I share the AM notes, I wanted to share a link to this really awesome interview Quinn (Grade 5) did last week with our new superintendent Dr. Cook. Quinn rocked it! Supe’s On Podcast with Quinn

A few (actually many) notes to get you going, grab your planner and list of things to do:
1) We need to do a Fire Drill in the first 10 days of school, which means Tuesday is our last opportunity. We’ll have the drill on Tuesday at 9:20am. I will work with Patti to make sure you have updated class lists and the red and green emergency packet prior to the drill. Also, I will check in with those of you who are new to give you the run down.

2) It’s important that we are keeping windows open and free air circulating in the classrooms, even as the temperatures are cooling. Also, please do your best to remember to turn the air purifier on as soon as you arrive in the morning (and turn it off before you leave).

3) No Staff meeting this week (it’s on our schedule but I am opting to skip it) . SIW this week is “Teacher Directed” meaning you can use it as you as you like.

4) We’ll start our regular Buddy Time this Thursday from 10-11am. Here are the buddy pairs for at least the next two months: K and Grade 4, Grades 1 and 3, Grades 2 and 5. Please connect with your Buddy teacher and make plans.

5) I know several of you have already administered a math screener/assessment as we discussed during our prep week. For those that have yet to do a math assessment, here are 2 excellent options, please use one of them:
*Boulder Valley Math Screeners-these will give you a more global picture of the student’s thinking and reasoning: BVSD

*Bridges Unit Screeners-these will be more targeted to your first unit: Bridges Unit Screeners

I am happy to help with this in any way I can, please reach out if I can support the effort.

6) IMPORTANT: Alwyas, always, always have your phone and keys with you when you are on duty on the playground. In the case of an emergency you may need to unlock the gate(s) to get students off campus, and/or you may need to call 911.

7) Kinder, Grade 1, Grade 3, and Grade 4 please have a plan ready for this Wednesday during your art time (common planning time). Korey will not be teaching art this week or next so we need to have plans ready to be implemented. For K and 1 this is a 45 minute block, and you can consider having Karima lead a PE activity for 20 minutes of that time (Kinder first, then Grade 1). For Grades 3 and 4 this is 1 hour of time, and we talked about the possibility of utilizing Lexia and Dreambox as part of the plan.

Sadie and Ray, no art this Friday or next.

8) Remember to have a look at the Tier 1 LEAD activities and find something as a first step for yourself. Here is the link: resources. All teachers in the district are being asked to take one small step during September, I am interested to know which you are choosing!

9) Some follow up from our staff meeting last week:
*Sadie has stepped forward to represent Amity with the LEAD cohort, and Brian has volunteered to be our Sustainability Coordinator. A huge thanks to both of you! We look forward to learning from you and along with you!

*I’m looking for a few volunteers (in addition to Haley) to continue working on the framework for Take Care of Yourself/Others/Place. I anticipate that this is about 1-2 hours of work and then bringing it back to the group. We’ll start by blocking a 1 hour meeting time in the next few weeks once I know who is interested. Please email or speak with me early this week.

*I’m still looking for an ICCL representative to do some math focused work. Please let me know if you’re interested.

10) I’ve asked Brad to make some time with Kinder, Grade 1, and Grade 2 to learn how to play Gaga. He should be reaching out to you soon to schedule a time.

11) The art that is adorning the hallways looks great. Let’s continue to decorate the hallways, and feel free to use the space near the office as well!

12) Grade 5 will host the first Community Time this Thursday and Friday, September 23/24 starting at 1:30 each day. On Thursdays Kinder/Grade 2/Grade 4 will attend. On Friday Grades 1/3/5 will attend. Future dates:
*Sept 30/Oct 1: Grade 3
*October 7/8: Grade 4
*October 14/15: Kinder
*October 21/22: Grade 2
*November 4/5: Grade 1

13) Clarifying, once and for all, the recess zones. Zone 1 is closest to the school building, Zone 2 is closest to Broadway. Here’s an arial view:

Lastly, I need to let you know that Kelli resigned last Friday afternoon. She has enrolled Lexi in Bend La Pine online and will be home with her for the foreseeable future. Obviously this is a big loss, but we honor the decision that Kelli needed to make for her family. I have posted the position (waiting for district approval) and will interview as soon as I am able to (likely a week or so). In the meantime Alanna is joining the Grade 1 class as the EA.

*September  21: Back to School (Virtual) Grade 2, 5:30pm
*September 22: Teacher directed SIW
*September 23: Back to School (Virtual) Grade 3, 5:30pm
*September 23/24: Grade 5 hosts Community Time
*September 30/Oct 1: Grade 3 hosts Community Time
*October 7/8: Grade 4 hosts Community Time
*October 14/15: Kinder hosts Community Time
*October 21/22: Grade 2 hosts Community Time
*October 27-29: No School for students, Conversations (conferences)
*November 4/5: Grade 1 hosts Community Time

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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