Monday AM Notes, October 18 2021

Good Monday to all!
I hope the amazing weekend was good to all of you! Michelle and I got out to Alder Springs (between Terrebonne and Sisters)on Saturday and it was incredible! Have any of you been there? It’s a crazy little oasis fed by a series of springs and Whychus Creek.

Normally I only share a photo from the weekend but today I just have to share this photo, truly my highlight from last last week–lego time with Grade 1! It’s so important to have these joyful moments with our students!

A few notes to get you going, be sure to have your planner and calendar handy:

1) Please collect Pie Order forms today and make sure you put them in the envelope that was given to you. After tomorrow (Tuesday) we won’t be able to accept any more orders. We’ll send out one last reminder today. Thanks for your help with this!

2) New schedule begins this week–please refer to the email I sent towards the end of last week.

3) A big thanks for all your efforts with end of day dismissal, it’s making a huge difference. Please continue to be vigilant with this, it’s a significant safety issue that is easily avoided with your efforts. I also hope it will continue to foster opportunities for you to connect with parents.

4) Grade 2 hosts Community Time for the first time this week-a big moment for Sadie and her crew! Remember, CT is now on Fridays at 1:30 for everyone.

Upcoming Community Times:
*October 22: Grade 2
*November 5: Grade 1
*November 12: Grade 5
*November 19: Grade 3
*December 3: Grade 4
*December 10: Kinder
*December 17: Grade 2

5) Walking Field Trip forms: Please continue to collect these as they come in and keep track of who has turned it in. We’ll need to make contact with families that have not signed and returned the form so we can start taking some walking trips.

5) Conversations are next week! Please be sure to get out an on-line sign up form early this week. If you need help, just ask! A reminder that we are doing Conversations Wednesday and Thursday; however, if you want to start earlier, or push a little into Friday, that is your choice.

7) We will have our first EBISS (student support) meeting this Thursday, October 21. Brad will be covering your class during the 30 minute meetings. Here’s the schedule:
8:00am: Frans
8:30am: Sadie
9:00am: Lauren
9:30am: Lindsey
10:00am: Brian
10:30am: Ray

Please spend some time prior to the meeting deciding which of your students is of most concern (social/emotionally and/or academically) and gathering up work samples as well as jotting down your concerns. Your preparation will help us make the best of our time together and get needed support in place.

8) SIW this week:
*Civil Rights training (district required)
*Conversation about toys at school
*Check-in on 2×10 students
*Time for you to prepare for Conversations

9) Nathan will be away from October 26-November 2. During this time there will still be PE, but no music classes. Please make note in your planner

10) We have a lot of students coming into the building during recess times and milling around in classrooms. If you plan to be out of your classroom during recess and lunch it would be very helpful if you could lock your door on the way out. Thanks!

*October 18: Pie orders are due!
*October 22: Grade 2 hosts Community Time
*October 27-29: No School for students, Conversations 
*November 1: Post-Halloween Recovery activities
*November 5: Grade 1 hosts Community Time
*November 4: Pies arrive-FOA to handle all logistics! More info coming.
*November 10: Camp Amity comes to a school near you. Sign ups coming soon…

Here’s to a great week ahead!

4 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, October 18 2021”

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