Monday AM Notes, October 25 2021

Greetings All!
I hope the weekend was good to you after what was arguably a challenging week. Over the weekend I went to Corvallis to visit my grand daughter (and her parents of course) and made a trip out to the coast in search of waves. No waves were found, but it was good to be at the ocean and great to see my grand daughter!

Saw this tree while out walking in Corvallis and had to share. There’s something so beautiful about the strength, majesty, and grounding nature of a tree! Oh, and the Fall colors on Highway 20–wow!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Conversations are this week on Wednesday and Thursday (Friday off!). If you had a chance to read the message from the district you know that Wednesday you are required to work from school, but you can work from home on Thursday. Please reach out to families that have not signed up yet and encourage them to do so early this week. If there is not a time that works for them please work out an agreeable time that will work for them, which may be outside of your Wednesday/Thursday schedule. Hopefully you won’t have to do this for very many families (usually most families make it work within the schedule). If questions come up you are not able to answer please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or direct parents to me-I’m here to help!

2) Reminder that Nathan will be away from October 26-November 2. During this time there will still be PE, but no music classes. So, no music this Tuesday, and next Monday/Tuesday.

3) It’s likely to be pretty wet Monday and Tuesday so please be prepared for the possibility of inside recess and lunch. We’ll make the call in real time…

4) We still have a lot of students coming into the building during recess times and milling around in classrooms (on their way to and from the bathroom). If you plan to be out of your classroom during recess and lunch it would be very helpful if you could lock your door on the way out. Thanks!

5) Reminder that on Monday, November 1 students can come to school in their PJs and each class is planning some low key Halloween Recovery activities. This can include movies (G rated for K-3, can be PG for 4/5 with parent permission–see me for more details). K, 1, and 2 could do something together in the gym.

6) Let’s start planning for Camp Amity (November 10)! Here’s a link to generate ideas and sign up: Camp Amity Sign Ups

7) New Buddies start next week.

8) Future Community Time
*November 5: Grade 1
*November 12: Grade 5
*November 19: Grade 3
*December 3: Grade 4
*December 10: Kinder
*December 17: Grade 2

*October 27-29: No School for students, Conversations 
*November 1: Post-Halloween Recovery activities
*November 4: Pies arrive-FOA to handle all logistics! More info coming.
*November 5: Grade 1 hosts Community Time
*November 10: Camp Amity comes to a school near you.

Here’s to a good week ahead, great Conversations, and a 3 day weekend!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, October 25 2021”

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