Monday AM Notes, December 6 2021

I hope the weekend was fantastic and that you’re feeling really good about the next two weeks. I had a great weekend in Portland with my good pal Louie–so much fun tripping around the city looking for mischief!

A few notes to get you going:
1) SLGG meetings this week. Please be sure you remember your time: SLGG Meetings. We’ll meet in my office.

2) Camp Amity on Wednesday–I’m super excited about this! A few logistics:
*We’ll start at 9:30am, break for lunch at 11am (15-20mins), and then continue until it feels like it’s time to end.
*No masks required outside, masks must be worn in studio (perler beading)
*Limit numbers at your activity area if needed to make it manageable
*Be sure all your materials are ready to go by 9am. Please put them o the stage in the gym and the EAs and I will take them out to the playground and get them set up.

3) SIW this week-1:30pm in Ray’s room. We need a volunteer to do the warm up–let me know if it’s your moment to shine! I’ll send an agenda tomorrow.

4) Grade 5 food drive starts today! A note and flyer have gone home and it would be greatly appreciated if you could include the info in your weekly letter. Food will be collected until Thursday, December 16. Feel free to use any and all of the following or create your own blurb:

Grade 5 is currently planning a food drive in partnership with a local food relief agency called The Giving Plate. Here are the basics: The Giving Plate provides food to over 2,700 individuals a month, between all three of their hunger-relief programs. As the largest food pantry in Central Oregon, they are committed to ensuring neighbors in need have the food they need not just to survive, but to thrive. The Giving Plate is now providing 150 meals a week to children at the Boys and Girls club, too. These children have been identified by the club as needing extra help and the Giving Plate has stepped up! Over 60% of the food given out by the Giving Plate is now going to help feed children in our community.

Grade 5 will be collecting items such as:
*Individual sizes of soup/chili/stew
*Mac and cheese cups
*Ramen (In the square packets as they fit into bags and backpacks more easily)
*Individual shelf stable milk boxes
*Individual drink boxes
*Individual peanut butter
*Tea/hot chocolate

*Granola Bars, raisin boxes, pudding packs, and applesauce cups
*Trail mix or items to make trail mix

5) Community Time on Friday at 1:30 hosted by Kinder.

*December 6-10: SLGG Meetings
*December 8: Camp Amity
*December 20-31: Winter Break
*January 13: Student Support Meetings (most recently known as EBISS)

Here’s to a great week ahead!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, December 6 2021”

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