Monday AM Notes, January 24 2022

Good Morning Team!
Well, if we’re not going to have snow we might as well have beautiful sunny days! I hope you got out and enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. After a 12 year break I finally dusted off my skate skis and got out on the trail. After about 30 minutes I was toast! I forgot just how much of a work out skate skiing is!

I want to say again just how much I appreciate how everyone has remained so positive and flexible during these challenging times. I cannot imagine surfing this pandemic wave with a better group of people!

A few notes to get you going…
1) With SIW this week being another teacher prep/directed day I’d like to get us all together for a meeting on Tuesday. We’ll have a Staff Meeting Tuesday at 2:45pm in Brian’s room.

2) We need to do our monthly Fire Drill–we’ll do it this Tuesday at 9:45am.

3) I’m doing formal observations with some of you this week. Please be sure you know your time. Not sure? Please ask!

4) We’ll continue to eat outside, snack and lunch, whenever possible. Please avoid eating inside unless we need to.

5) I’m reposting these housekeeping notes in hopes of helping everything run a little smother–a big thanks to those of you who have already engaged!
*During afternoon recess we need one teacher to grab the red bag with the bell in it and commit to watching the time. I am not always out at the afternoon recess so it’s very helpful if one of you takes this on each recess.
*Please lock your doors at lunch-we still have lots of kiddos coming in to use the bathroom (or under the pretext of using the bathroom) and end up in classrooms. This is a safety issue that we can easily avoid. THIS HAS REALLY HELPED!
*Please do all you can to be aware of who your students are leaving with after school. We have had a few instances when we couldn’t find a student after school and it’s a terrible sinking feeling not knowing where they are. Please be vigilant and keep your students nearby until they leave.
*If you don’t already do so, please engage your students in end of day classroom clean up. The cleaner the room (mostly floors and tables), the more Jeremy can focus on other things in the room that need attention.
*We are not allowing students to play with balls after school so if you see a student with one please ask them to put it away.

6) Alanna and Robert have graciously been storing some of our extra furniture that we didn’t have room for when we moved back in last year. At this point we need to claim these items or send them along as donations. I am posting pictures below–if there is something you see that you want to reclaim (or claim) please let me know by the end of the week.

7) The district is once again administering the Youth Truth survey. If you haven’t already done so please take a few minutes to take the survey very soon:

February 1: DIBELS
February 4: No School–you may work from home on this day

Here’s to a great, and healthy, week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, January 24 2022”

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