Monday AM Notes, January 31

Good Morning!
I hope you had a great weekend. I had a fantastic weekend–a hike at Fall River on Saturday with my gal and a great XC ski with my son-in-law John on Sunday. And lots of football on Sunday! I’m ready for the week and I hope you are, too!

A few notes to get things rolling…
1) It’s a 4 day week with students. Please remember that we agreed to use Friday to connect with some families. I hope you have already reached out to families you hope to connect with. If you haven’t, be sure you do so before the end of the day. You may work from home on this day.

2) As you know, last week the board agreed to allowing students who have tested positive for COVID or who have had symptoms to return to school on a modified quarantine. Students can now return after 5 days of isolation/quarantine as long as they are symptom free. Several important things with these students for their days 6-10 at school:
*They must wear a KN95 or 3 ply medical grade mask (we have both in the office).
*If eating indoors, they must eat in an isolated area away from the rest of their classmates. We have these students eating in the hallway next to the gym.

If you have students in the 6-10 club we will let you know and we’ll let you know when their 10th day is up. After day 10 they can resume normal activity.

3) As far as I know, DIBELS is this Tuesday. I have yet to hear back from the district to confirm this but I am assuming it’s a go.

4) For SIW this week we will spend time discussing our growing SEL library and how the books can be used. We’ll meet in Ray’s room at 1:30pm.

5) With colder temps in the AM (and at times in the PM), I’d like to encourage all of you to consider shifting to Choice Time (allowing students to stay in the classroom) at least a few days each week. The kids really appreciate this! Note: Please only host your own students for now-hopefully we’ll be able to mix and match soon!

6) We have Lottery Information nights coming up in March. We are required to offer at least one virtual meeting, and we are able to host one in-person meeting as well. Our virtual meeting will be on Tuesday, March 8 at 5:30pm. After speaking with a few of you I have decided we should also offer an in-person meeting-this will be Wednesday, March 2 at 5:30pm. More details to come in the next few weeks, but please block both of these dates/times on your calendar.

7) As requested, please, please, please keep a closer eye on your students during the end of day dismissal. We still have students running all over the place which indicates they’re not being supervised. It’s ok to loosen up a little once the initial surge of parents come through, but during the first few minutes please continue to keep your students close by.

February 1: DIBELS
February 4: No School-you may work from home on this day
March 2: Lottery Info Night, in person-5:30pm
March 8: Lottery Info Night, virtual-5:30pm

Here’s to a great, and healthy, week ahead!

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