Monday AM Notes, March 7 2022

Greetings All!
I missed y’all on Thursday and Friday and hope you had a great end to the week and weekend. I had an amazing visit with my folks and was able to see my sisters, aunts and uncles, and a few cousins. It had been over 2.5 years, and it was so good to be with all of them again! My dad is not very mobile these days but he has a scooter he’s been waiting to use–I got him out for a walk around a lake on Friday and it was a highlight for both of us! (Sporting some fancy glasses!)

A few notes to get you going:
1) A note from Patti in case you missed it in your email: I wanted to remind you all that the dental screenings will be happening Monday morning.  We will come and get groups of kids (not sure how many they will do at a time).  I apologize in advance for the disruption.  We usually begin with kinders and work our way up but please let me know if you have something happening Monday morning as the grade order is totally flexible.

2) Lottery info night on Tuesday at 5:30pm. We’ll gather in one room here at school.

3) SIW this week will be whole group. I’ll send an agenda tomorrow. Next week is teacher prep, and we’ll have a staff meeting next Tuesday at 2:45pm.

4) This is our last week with the mandated mask requirement! Please take some time this week to talk with your class about this, with a big emphasis on the fact that there will still be students (and possibly staff) wearing masks and that we need to be respectful of everyone’s choices. It’s vital at this time to be sure we maintain a safe and respectful environment–there’s no need for this to become a new decisive moment! I believe that you have received some resources from the district if you are looking for ideas/support.

5) As I noted in an email last week, parents have been notified about the return of volunteers in the schools. If you haven’t already, please be sure to share some communication about this in your weekly note to families, even if just to say you are giving it some think time and will communicate specifics soon. Remember to only share the pdf and links with families who express specific interest. If you want to talk through some ideas please reach out, I’m happy to make time!

6) Community time this week on Friday at 1:30pm. Who’s hosting??? We’ll talk about a comprehensive plan at our SIW this week, but we need a class to volunteer for this week!

7) Looking ahead, we won’t have Nathan here teaching music after Spring Break as he has to go full time with his student teaching. At this point we don’t have someone to fill the music spot. It’s a good time to start thinking about how to use the extra 30 minutes.

8) HUGE thanks to Grade 4 and Brian for their incredible efforts to get the composting program up and running. So far it’s going great, and we’ve reduced our daily garbage from 3 bags per day to 1 bag per day! Taking care of this place!

9) I will be leaving school just before dismissal to attend an admin meeting across the street.

March 8: Lottery Info Night, virtual-5:30pm
March 15: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm
March 16/17: Next Student Support Meetings
March 21-25: Spring Break!
April 13/14: Conversations

Here’s a fantastic week ahead!

33 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, March 7 2022”

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