Monday AM Notes, March 14 2022

Hello Team!
I hope the weekend has been good to you and that you’re ready for this last week before Spring Break! I think I can safely say we’re all REALLY looking forward to a break!

It’s a new dawn, masks are now optional…I look forward to seeing a lot of smiling faces this week!

A few notes to get you going (note pad and calendar strongly encouraged!):
1) Student Success Meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, Brad will be covering on Thursday. Please be sure you have spent some time updating the meeting prep form: Student Success Prep folder



2) Brad will not be at school Monday–he should have reached out by teachers impacted by this.

3) My boss, Skip, will be visiting on Tuesday between 9:30 and 11. Last time he was on campus he visited a few classrooms, this time he’ll want to visit the others. So, I’ll likely be stopping by with him during that time.

4) Pokeman cards seem to be causing quite a few problems (as they often do) so please ask students (and their parents via your weekly email) not bring the cards to school. This could be a fun Invitation in the future and will give the kids a chance to bring their cards to school.

5) We’re sending classified staff to lunch on Thursday. We’ll need to cover their duties at lunch–3 teachers from 11 to 11:20, 3 from 11:20-11:45. Please discuss amongst yourselves who will do which shifts. Thanks!

6) Grade 4 hosts Community Time on Friday at 1:30pm.

7) K-2 will be on a walking field trip for a good chunk of the day on Wednesday–so fun!

8) At the end of last week I shared a draft of Choice Time Guidelines. Please have a look and provide any feedback you may have. We’ll roll this out after the break so we can all be on the same page, including having students line up on the playground and then be let in by playground staff. Let’s start calling it Choice Time rather than recess!

9) SIW this week is teacher prep.

10) On Thursday evening at 5:30pm we are hosting an internet safety presentation put on by Kids Center. This is for Grade 3-5 parents and they have all been invited multiple times. So far I have RSVPs from about 12 families. I’ll send a reminder to all Grade 3-5 families early this week.

11) Staff Lunch on Friday! Be sure you have singed up to contribute–see Patti’s email from last week.

12) I have to leave at 2pm Monday for a medical appointment.

March 16/17: Next Student Support Meetings
March 18: Community Time hosted by Grade 4, 1:30pm
March 21-25: Spring Break!
April 13/14: Conversations

Here’s a fantastic week ahead!

5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, March 14 2022”

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