Monday AM Notes, March 28 2022

Greetings All!
I hope you had an amazing break and that you’re ready for the home stretch of the school year. I have a great feeling that the Spring is going to be fantastic! My break was pretty low key, but I had a fantastic time in Corvallis hanging with my entire little family for a few days. Super fun time with the grand kids!

A big thanks to all the teachers for your participation in the Student Support Meetings before break. It feels like we are a very good path with supporting our striving kiddos. I am very hopeful that we will see some really big growth during this last part of the year!

A few notes to get you going:

1) Choice Time begins in earnest this week. A few things to remember:
*Please review the Choice Time guidelines and discuss them with your class–it’s super important we are all on the same page.
*For those staying in with students, EAs will send your students in from the playground after they line up–be sure to explain this to your kiddos

Choice Time Guidelines

2) We need to do a Fire Drill this week–we’ll do it at 9:20 on Thursday

3) Here’s the Community Time rotation for the next 6 weeks (we’ll adjust it as needed):
April 1: Kinder
April 8: Grade 2
April 22: Grade 1 (Earth Day)
April 29: Grade 5
May 6: Grade 3
May 13: Grade 4

If the date you have been assigned doesn’t work for you please reach out to another teacher to see about trading and let me know if you’ve made changes. Thanks!

I’m still working on finding a slot to do an additional adult-led CT each week.

4) IMPORTANT supervision note–There has been some dangerous activity at the swings over the past few weeks. Specifically, students have been swerving in and out of the swings trying to avoid being hit, they are grabbing the polls as they swing, and students are standing right in front of the swings trying to duck before getting hit. When you are supervising please be sure there is someone stationed near the swing set and if you don’t see someone, please go there yourself to keep things safe. If we don’t do our job it could result in a serious injury.

5) SIW this week is a group meeting. I’d like to use this time to discuss a comprehensive approach to re-igniting community on all levels. Please come with some ideas of how we can continue to create more connections across the school and with parents. Also, I’m looking for a volunteer to share an SEL book with the group.

6) As a reminder and for those that are new–when taking a walking field trip there are a few important musts:
*Always have at least 2 adults
*Carry your phone with you
*Bring a first aid kit and an EPI pen
*Be sure you check with Patti/nurse to see if any of your students have medications that need to go with you

7) Conversations update: Conversations will be in person with the parents having the option to request a virtual meeting.  Please begin communicating this with families this week (I will also send info this week). We will have Conversations April 13 and 14, with Friday as a day off. You can begin your meetings any time Wednesday, and it is expected that you will offer some early evening times. If you want to get started a little earlier in the week that is up to you. I’ll get Conversations prep forms out to you this week. I think these forms will also come in really handy when you are preparing the end of year Glows and Grows!

8) For those that are curious, we do the lottery draw this Tuesday morning and then we get letters out to families on Friday. Families then have 2 weeks to accept the offer.

April 1: Kindergarten hosts CT
April 8: Grade 2 hosts CT
April 13/14
: Conversations
April 22: Earth Day
April 22: Grade 1 hosts CT
April 29: Grade 5 hosts CT
May 2: Grade 5 to Camp Tamarack!
May 6: Grade 3 hosts CT
May 13: Grade 4 hosts CT

Here’s to a great week ahead, and a wonderful Spring!

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