Monday AM Notes, December 5 2022

Happy Monday AM!
What a great party Saturday night! Another big thanks to Ray for hosting all of us, and to all of you for bringing such amazing food! This is truly such an incredible group of people and I always have so much fun with all of you!

Just a few notes to get you going:
1) Don’t forget to send me your FOA wish list–if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

2) SIW this Wednesday at 1:30 in Brian’s room. Look for an agenda tomorrow.

3) Reminder: Between now and December 15 we are collecting unwrapped gifts for kiddos in foster care. Please encourage your students and their families to join in the giving. We’re doing this through Every Child Central Oregon: Gifts are being collected in the wrapped box in the hallway near the office.

4) Reminder: New requirement for cleaning up after Community Time. I know that it’s hard to remember to return to the gym to clean up on your Community Time days. The difficulty with not remembering is that the stage is often left a mess, and it interferes with others who are trying to use the stage during the day. If you have used the stage during your CT and there are things to clean up it is now required that you stay with your class in the gym after your CT and clean up. This way you won’t forget, the kids are involved in taking care of our communal space, and it assures the cleaning gets done in a timely manner. Your support is greatly appreciated.

5) Please return any Kindness themed books you borrowed to the staff room.

December 19-January 2: Winter Break
January 18: Winter DIBELS
January 18: Family BINGO Night! Details to follow…
January 26: Student Success Meetings
March 1: Variety Show!

Here’s to a great week ahead!