Monday AM Notes, Feb 27 2023

I hope you had wonderful, chilly winter weekend! All the hard work of getting kiddos ready for the big show is coming to fruition this Wednesday! It’s a messy business, but it all comes together! A HUGE thanks on behalf of the kids for all you have done to make this happen, it’s a big moment for all of them!

It was a crazy, busy short week last week and I know we all felt it–BIG TIME! Thanks for all your hard work!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Lindsey and I are feeling pretty confident about most of the acts at this point, and we agree that we don’t really need the rehearsal time on Monday afternoon for the Variety Show–except for groups who had part of their troupe out sick or away last week. So instead of practice, let’s do Invitations and Lindsey and I will pull any groups that may need to do a run through. I’ve updated the Invitations google doc and it’s ready to be filled out at lunch.

2) After Grade 3 Community Time we will have Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday morning. This usually takes most of the morning, so plan accordingly. We’ll share a start time with you on Monday.

Also, let’s have a short meeting after school on Tuesday to sort out responsibilities at the show. 2:45 in Brian’s room.

3) On Wednesday, as soon as students are gone we will load up all the props for the show and shuttle them over to Bend High. We’ll unload them there and then you will all have a few hours to yourselves. We’ll meet back at Bend High at 5pm, and doors open at 5:30pm. We’ll start the show promptly at 6pm.

4) Wheel of Talent on Thursday morning. Grade 4 will lead a mini Community Time and then we’ll spend the first part of the morning enjoying abbreviated versions of the Variety show acts. There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for this, just leave Thursday AM open. It’s a great way to slow roll the day after the show!

5) Reminder about baskets for the auction–your class lead should have reached out to the class AGAIN by now, and it would be great if you share the info in your parent notes for the next few weeks:

For those new to Amity (meaning haven’t been through an auction season yet), each year we assign a theme to each class for the creation of a basket . This doesn’t require much from you other than continuing to promote contributions to the basket by families. Each year this yields really awesome baskets for the auction! I will be asking your Class Lead to support this effort and I will be unveiling the themes to parents early this week. We will provide a collection box for you to keep in your room. Here are the themes for each class:
K: Arts and Crafts
Grade 1: Camping
Grade 2: Pamper yourself
Grade 3: Game night
Grade 4: Keepin’ It Local
Grade 5: Get outside/Sports and games

6) I am being called to several meetings this week so I will be away from school a bit:
*Monday, 8:30-9:30am
*Friday, all day

March 1: Variety Show! 5:30pm at Bend High
March 18: Auction

March arrives this week…yikes! Here’s to a great week ahead!