Monday AM Notes, October 9 2023

School wide theme: Problem Solving!

I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the amazing weekend–Fall at it’s very best! My family had a little surprise Friday night, the early arrival of the latest member of our family–Kahwai Ezekiel. He was born in the back of their Honda Odyssey van in the parking lot of the birthing center! True story! Here he is with his older sister, and below that with Raya.

A few notes to get you rolling:
1) We continue with the Problem Solving roll out this week. Last week I dropped off your slice of the wheel and a small poster to hang in your class.

*Jigsaw Problem Solving Wheel
Starting last week each grade was supposed to introduce the entire wheel to their class but do a deep dive on just one of the strategies and create a skit demonstrating their strategy to share-out to the rest of the school. Skits this week and next:
-Tue 10: 2nd
-Wed 11th: 1st
-Thur 12th: 2nd
-Fri 13th: 5th
-Tue 17th: 4th
-Wed 18th: Kinder

*should be relatively short
*should demonstrate a real-life situation and model an appropriate way of using the strategy
*could be organized into either small groups or presented as a whole class
*could consider collaborating with buddies on this.
*Your class can either tell the audience what the strategy is first and then model it OR they tell them to watch carefully and guess which strategy was used.

*Which grade has which strategy?
Tell them to please stop – Kinder
Compromise – 1st Grade
Feel it and Move on OR Ignore it – 2nd Grade
Find another: space, group, activity – 3rd Grade
Have a conversation + Talk it Out – 4th Grade
Create your own solution – 5th Grade

2) Picture Day on Tuesday. We’ll pull students throughout the morning.

3) Staff Meeting on Tuesday at 2:45pm. We’ll meet in Grade 3. Please remember that this is a collaborative agenda–you can add to the agenda items here: Staff Meetings 23-24

4) SIW this week is Educator Network–good news is we get to stay here to do it! Sara, Brian, and I received some training last week to help us prepare to facilitate this Wednesday. 1:30 in Brian’s room.

5) Bus Evacuation Drill on Thursday at 9am. We need to be at the Ed Center at 9am.

6) Conversations are coming up in two short weeks! We’ll be offering meeting times on Wednesday, October 25 and Thursday October 26 (off on 27th). Please get information out to parents soon so they know the plan and get that Google doc ready to go for sign ups. We know that many families make plans for those 3 extra days off so the sooner you get info out the better!

7) How are Community jobs going?
Kinder/Grade 1: Playground clean-up
Grade 2: Library caretakers
Grade 3: Hallway waste patrol
Grade 4: Green Team waste station
Grade 5: Office and cafeteria support

8) Student Success Meetings are next week–we need to switch from the 19th to the 18th. More info coming soon.

9) Grade 4 hosts Cafe Amity this Wednesday.

Upcoming Dates
October 10: School pictures
October 10: Staff meeting, 2:45-3:30pm
October 11: Educator Network SIW
October 11: Cafe Amity, Grade 4 hosts
October 12: Bus Evacuation Drill, 9am at the Ed Center
October 16-17: Dental Screening
October 17: Teacher Collaboration Time, 2:45-3:30pm
October 18: Teacher work day SIW
October 18:Student Success Meetings, schedule coming soon
October 20: Earthquake/Fire Drill, 10:45am
October 21: Harvest Festival, 4-7pm
October 25-27: Conversations (no work on 27th)
October 31: Trick or Treat at the Education Center, 1pm

Here’s to a great week ahead!