Monday AM Notes, October 16 2023

Hello Amazing Team!
Well, last week was quite a week–a big thanks to all for keeping it positive and helping out when needed. Hoping to have the team back together this week…

A few notes to get you going:
1) Mask making begins this week. I sent the schedule out last week. Should be fun! As we did previously for some years the kids will be wearing masks to go trick or treating over at the Ed Center on the 31st (afternoon). The staff there love getting dressed up and hosting the kids.

2) Student Success Meetings on Wednesday. Please be sure you have the SSM Prep form ready to go (sent you a link last week). Here’s the schedule, Brad will be here to cover your classes:
12:00-12:30-Grade 1

3) SIW this week (and next) is Teacher Work Day!

4) Dental Screenings on Monday and Tuesday. I know–SO MANY disruptions! These medical screenings are really important and every year multiple kiddos greatly benefit. We’ll be pulling students throughout both days and we’ll try and work around the various things going on in your classrooms!

5) Speaking of disruptions, Earthquake/Fire Drill on Friday at 10:45am. Then off to lunch…

6) Harvest Festival is this weekend, Saturday fro 4-7pm. As always you are not required to be there but it’s always great to see you there!

7) Grade 5 is off to Tamarack Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

8) We will hosting the Jammie Jam once again this year the day after Halloween. We’re sending home pledge sheets this week. Tentatively the event will take place on November 1 between Choice Time and lunch. Thanks for supporting the effort, last year we raised some needed funds!

9) Note about upcoming Tuesday meetings: No Team Collaboration Time this week and no Staff Meeting on October 24. Please use the time to prep for Student Success Meetings this week and to get a jump on Conversations or Conversations prep next week.

Upcoming Dates
October 16-17: Dental Screening
October 17: Teacher Collaboration Time–CANCELED
October 18: Teacher work day SIW
October 18: Student Success meetings
October 20: Earthquake/Fire Drill, 10:45am
October 21: Harvest Festival, 4-7pm
October 24: NO Staff meeting
October 25-27: Conversations (no work on 27th)
October 31: Trick or Treat at the Education Center, 1pm

Here’s to a great week ahead!