Monday AM Notes, December 4 2023

Hello Everyone!
I hope you had a great weekend! I had intended to stop by last Wednesday to see you all, enjoy Cafe Amity, and see the Kinders Community Time; however, my chauffeur (aka my wife) fell ill. I will definitely be stopping by this week–I miss you and the kiddos way too much not to visit this week!

A few notes for this week:
1) As you have all heard by now, Brad will covering until Winter Break–yahoo!

2) No meeting this Tuesday. Brian and Sara have a district ICCL meeting

3) SIW this week is a Teacher Work Day–enjoy the time!

4) Bread and Jam on Friday after school

5) Running club on Friday

Upcoming through Winter Break
December 6: Teacher work day SIW
December 12: Team Collaboration Time
December 13: QPR Training, 1:30-3pm (if you missed my email with the info please look for it–I sent it Nov 28)
December 18-January 1: No School, Winter Break!

*Cafe Amity dates: December 13 (Grade 1 hosts)
*Bread and Jam dates: December 8

Looking forward to seeing you when I stop by this week for a visit. Have a great week!