Monday AM Notes, February 5 2024

New School Wide Theme: Kindness and Compassion

Hey all,
I hope Friday ended up being a particularly productive day and that you headed into the weekend ready to relax and revive.

A few notes to get you going:
1) Staff meeting on Monday (instead of Tuesday as per my email on Friday). 2:45-3:30pm in Brian’s room. Add agenda items: Staff Meetings 23-24

2) Tammy Doty will be here Monday morning from 8:30-9:30. We’ll be walking around and stopping in to a few classrooms. Anyone doing something spectacularly awesome you’d like to share?

3) DIBELS on Wednesday. Let’s get those kids warmed up with some good reading time before the assessments begin.

4) SIW on Wednesday–1:30 in Brian’s room.

5) Camp Amity on Thursday!

6) Variety Show launch at 1:30pm on Thursday in the gym! Snacks provided. Here’s the Variety Show rehearsal schedule we worked on last week: Variety 2024

7) Bread and Jam afterschool on Friday.

8) Valentine’s Day is next week–what plans do you have? Let’s chat at the Staff Meeting!

February 5: Staff Meeting, 2:45pm
February 7: DIBELS
February 8: Camp Amity!
February 8: Variety Show Launch, 1:30pm in the gym
February 9: Bread and Jam
February 14: Cafe Amity hosted by Grade 4
February 14/15: NEW Student Success Meetings
February 28: Variety Show
March 7: Lottery Info Night for incoming Kindergarten families, 5-6pm

Here’s to a great week ahead–always a good week when we have Camp Amity!