Monday AM Notes, February 20 2024

School wide theme: Kindness and Compassion

I hope you had an amazing long weekend–seems like it came at just the right moment! I took the extra time to go visit Kaila at OSU and my daughter Arielle and her family. It was a great visit all around, and my 3 year old granddaughter even read me a book…I swear this was not staged!

A huge thank you to all of you for the Student Success Meetings last week. The meetings were very productive and have given us some direction in terms of moving forward with support for students in the coming weeks. Thank you!!

A few notes to get you going:
1) Variety Show rehearsals this week: Per our conversation at lunch on Friday, we will have a regular (45 min) rehearsal on Tuesday and then meet for a few minutes on Tuesday after school to determine the plan for the rest of the week. Let’s meet in the Staff Room at 2:45 Tuesday.

2) SIW this week is a Teacher Work Day! I’ll be leaving for an admin meeting that day around 2:45pm.

3) SIW next week is Educator Network. I explored the possibility of being able to forgo the Ed Network since we have the Variety Show that night, but we’re not able to do so. Please be sure to get signed up for a workshop–Lori shared these steps to sign up: Pick a session from this list, Watch this video on how to sign up in UKG (watch first 2:00 minutes).

I will work with some parents to get the props delivered to Caldera that day, and then we’ll meet up at Caldera at 5pm to get things ready to go.

4) End of day release: The last few weeks have seen lots of kiddos wandering down the hallway 5-10 minutes before the end of day release time. I have been sending them back to class with the instructions to wait until it is clear that they have been excused. Please take the time at the end of each day this week to reinforce end of day expectations and be sure that students are staying with you until they have been “officially” excused. Thanks!

5) Amity Eats February fundraiser is at Cuppa Yo this Thursday from 4pm-close at the Westside location on Newport. Money raised goes to Friends of Amity (and therefore to us and our students!). Please encourage families to participate in any communications you send out this week.

Speaking of FOA, this would be a great time to request some things off your wish list! Let me know what you’re thinking and let’s see if we can get it ordered!

6) Bread and Jam this Friday!

February 21: SIW, Teacher Work Day
February 22: Cuppa Yo fundraiser, 4pm-close at the Westside location
February 23: Bread and Jam
February 28: Educator Network, be sure to sign up!
February 28: Variety Show, doors open at 5:30 with the show starting at 6pm sharp!
March 7: Lottery Info Night for incoming Kindergarten families, 5-6pm
May 4: Auction! May the 4th be with you…some type of space related theme
May 31: Summit High production of The Real Story of the 3 Pigs. 8:30am

Here’s to a great week ahead!