Monday AM Notes, June 3 2024

New School-Wide Theme: Gratitude…this shouldn’t be too hard to get into!

It’s June…I can’t believe we are already here! We have just over 2 more full weeks to go, let’s really enjoy and appreciate this time of year!

Before the notes for this week, I need to let you know that my dad is being discharged from his rehab facility this Thursday–it’s great news, of course, but they are sending him home in a wheelchair which will present some significant challenges. I will be heading to LA on Wednesday to make final preparations at the house for my dad’s return and then pick him up on Thursday. I’ll take the weekend to help my folks settle in with the hope that I will return late Sunday night or early Monday morning. So, I will be out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Brad will be here Thursday and Friday and will stick around on Thursday to help out at the BBQ. I love this time of year with the kids and all of you and I’m super disappointed to miss even a moment of it! Thanks once again for your understanding and support.

A few notes to get you rolling:
1) Gratitude is our new theme and I think we chose this one well in terms of the time of year. The end of the year can truly be a wonderful time of reflection, and a perfect time to acknowledge and express gratitude for all that has been shared throughout the year. Please take time in the next 2 weeks to tap into this theme with your kiddos, and be sure to share with parents as well.

2) Camp Amity Monday and Tuesday! We leave at 9:30am and busses should be pulling up along Broadway.

3) Staff Meeting on Tuesday at 2:45pm. Ray’s room. Add to the agenda here: Staff Meetings 23-24

4) The final Cafe Amity of the year is this Wednesday–Grade 5 hosts for the last time!

5) Camp Fire has invited the Bend Fire Dept for a visit on Wednesday after school. They will be blocking off the parking lot from 2-3pm for a truck to pull in. Be sure not to park in the lot if you have somewhere you have to go before 3pm.

6) BBQ on Thursday, 5-7pm. Please arrive early to help with set up and to get the grills fired up and ready to go. There are always little things that need to get done before the show starts. New Kinder families (for next year) will be joining us!

7) SIW this week is a Teacher Work Day. While I am sure you are all keeping track of end of year stuff, here is what I have on my list of things that need to get done:
*Sign up for last week Invitations extravaganza: Invitations June 17
*Grade 5 gift
*Grows and Glows
*Share Gratitude!

Upcoming (also keep track of last 2 weeks activities: Last 2 weeks 2023-24)
June 3/4: Camp Amity!
June 4: Staff Meeting (last one of the year!), 2:45pm in Ray’s room
June 5: Cafe Amity, Grade 5’s last cafe to host
June 5: SIW, Teacher Work Day
June 6: End of Year Community BBQ
June 11: Grade 4 Lava Lands/Cave
June 12: Grade 5 Celebration, 10-11am
June 12: SIW, out at 1:00pm
June 12: iPad roll-in for Grade 5
June 12: Volunteer Tea (hosted by Andy and Patti), 8:30-9am
June 13: Grade 5 Graduation
June 14: iPad roll-in for Grades 2/3/4
June 14: Bread and Jam
June 18: Last day, 1pm release. Staff gathering shortly after school gets out!

Here’s to a great week ahead!