Monday AM Notes, June 10 2023

It’s the last full week of school! Lots of fun ahead this week and I’m excited for all the festivities!

In the spirit of gratitude, I cannot thank you all enough for pulling off what by all accounts was an amazing family BBQ! Thanks for all the extra efforts in my absence, I am truly grateful!

A few notes to get you rolling:
1) More than anything be sure you are keeping an eye on the Last 2 weeks 2023-24 notes–there’s a lot to keep track of and it should all be on this calendar. If there is something missing or you’ve added events for the week please update this calendar so we are all aware. Things really pick up on Wednesday and keep rolling!

2) For the Volunteer Tea we’ll have the EAs each supervise 2 classrooms so you can free yourself up for 15 minutes to come down and share your appreciations for our amazing volunteers. Please plan something kiddos can do mostly independently during this time.

3) We’ll start the Grade 5 Community Celebration at 9:45 on Wednesday, with Choice time at 9:15-9:35. Please have kiddos bring down chairs.

4) SIW this week is a Teacher Work Day. While I am sure you are all keeping track of end of year stuff, here is what I have on my list of things that need to get done:
*Sign up for last week Invitations extravaganza: Invitations June 17
*Grows and Glows
*Share Gratitude!

5) Kickball on Thursday will start at 9am. Let’s have all students on and around the field to start the game–no students on the playground at the start. As in year’s past students will slowly drift into Choice Time as they lose interest in the game. Is there anyone (or any two) who don’t plan on playing (due to injury only😳) who would be willing to supervise students as they make their way to the playground?

6) Water Play on Friday, 1:30-2pm. Water truck and sprinklers! Please be sure to communicate this to families so students come with dry clothes to put on if they want. High of 72 predicted for Friday.

Upcoming (also keep track of last 2 weeks activities: Last 2 weeks 2023-24)
June 11: Grade 4 Lava Lands/Cave
June 12: Grade 5 Celebration, 9:45-11am
June 12: SIW, out at 1:00pm
June 12: iPad roll-in for Grade 5
June 12: Volunteer Tea (hosted by Andy and Patti), 8:30-9am
June 13: Grade 5 Graduation, 5-7pm
June 14: iPad roll-in for Grades 2/3/4
June 14: Bread and Jam
June 17: Invitation Bonanza
JUne 18: Memory Books, 10-11
June 18: Last day, 1pm release. Staff gathering shortly after school gets out!

Here’s to a great last full week ahead!