Monday AM Notes, September 28

Good Morning Team!
I hope you enjoyed the amazing weekend weather and that it lifted your spirits! We have a beautiful week in store and I hope you plan to get out and do the things you love.

I don’t have much to share this morning as we are in a moment of waiting to see how the COVID numbers from last week pan out, but there are a few notes below.

Notes to share:
1) If hybrid is still on the table for K-3 then we will have our Staff Meeting with Kim on Thursday at 2:30pm; if hybrid is pushed back a few weeks we’ll reschedule our meeting with Kim. I am hoping we have an update from Lora before the end of the day.

2) Karima and Beth are here all week (if we are opening next week) to help K-3 teachers move in and get ready to welcome kiddos next week.

3) There is a Balanced/Hybrid Townhall tonight that is worth tuning in for.
 It starts at 6 p.m. on Facebook and Vimeo. The videos will also be available on the district’s website – (likely 24 hours later).

That’s it for now while we wait for more information! Here’s to a great week ahead!


5 thoughts on “Monday AM Notes, September 28”

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  3. I really appreciated the reminders about upcoming events and important dates, like the college and career fair and the PSAT testing day. It’s easy to lose track of these things, so having them all laid out in one place is super helpful.

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