Monday Notes, November 9 2020

Good Morning All!
I hope you enjoyed the wintery weekend! It was a great weekend to hunker down and enjoy some time at home. I was able to get out for a great hike along Fall River yesterday and it was glorious!

Happy Birthday to Amanda!

A few notes for this week:
1) Invitations on November 19 is still a go. If you haven’t added to the Invitations document please do so today! Invitations

2) No School this Wednesday in honor of Veteran’s Day–please be sure families know. I hope you can take the day to do something fun!

3) MAC Survey day–please look for an email prompting you to take the survey.

4) Staff Lunch on November 18 at noon! FOA would like to treat the staff to lunch in appreciation for all your hard work. Patti will send out a menu soon.

5) Teacher Meetings this Week–thanks for getting signed up! If possible I’d like to do these meetings in person. If this is not possible please let me know.

6) World Kindness Day– I am hoping you will work this into your plans in the coming days/weeks. From the district: We know the world, and even our community, can feel awfully stressful and hostile right now. We are hoping to make the discourse in our community more positive and are launching a kindness campaign with regional partners to elevate stories of kindness – with special focus on World Kindness Day, Nov. 13. If you are interested in learning more and supporting this effort: Here is a list of ideas of how to join both in and out of school. We are hoping these resources will make it easy to join: Writing prompts, for instance; topics for advisory or freshmen foundations; a contest at the high school level; books to read at the elementary level. Additionally, we know many schools are ALREADY doing a lot around kindness. Please consider sharing with Alandra the great work you are already doing. Thank you. And if you haven’t yet watched the kindness launch video featuring our 8th graders, be sure to do so.

November 9-13: Teacher 1 to 1 meetings w/Andy-check schedule above
November 11: Veteran’s Day, NO SCHOOL
November 13: Packet Pick-up, 1-3pm (tentative, to be confirmed closer to the date)
November 18: FOA sponsored lunch, noon
November 18: Staff Meeting, 2-3pm
November 19: Invitations, 11-11:30am
November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break, NO SCHOOL
December 21-January 1: Winter Break, NO SCHOOL

Here’s to a great week ahead!

12 thoughts on “Monday Notes, November 9 2020”

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