Monday Notes, November 16 2020

It was a wonderfully stormy Saturday and a beautiful Sunday! Hoping you might have been as fortunate as I was to get up to the snow on Sunday. I got to go sledding with the grand kiddos, and then XC skiing with my gal and the dogs! Feels so good knowing winter has arrived–with all the change going on, this is a welcomed one!

A big thanks to all of you for our 1 to 1 meetings last week. It was great to have a little time to catch up and talk about how things are going. I greatly appreciate your time!

I saw this image over the weekend and had to share it with you. This is the first image I have seen in a long time that really captures my view of the work we do with children, and it really captures so much of the the things we talk about being important at Amity! Those of you who know me know I am not fond of “cutesy” educational anything, but I really like this.

A few notes to get this week before vacation (yes, vacation!) rolling:
1) You may be wondering what the implications of the governor’s new orders are going to be on school. Two responses: 1) Business as usual for us, no restrictions on coming and going at school and no interruption of LIPI support; 2) No clear implications on the metrics yet, we may have more information later today.

2) Invitations on Thursday! I’ll be sending out this link to families today and again on Wednesday: Invitations for Thursday, November 19. Please check it and make sure your offering is correct. Please be sure you have blocked this time in your schedule for Thursday (11-11:30am) and that you have shared the info with students and families.

3) Kindness clip. Last week I sent out a request for each of you to send a short video clip to me sharing a time when someone was kind to you and the impact it had. If you have not done so, please do this before the end of the day Tuesday (today would be preferable!). You can send them to me via text message or as an attachment to an email. Thanks to all who have already shared a clip!

3) Staff meeting on Wednesday, 2-3pm. We’ll have time to consider our next community activity. I’m throwing out my idea now: “2020 has been a difficult year, but… (fill in the blank with something positive that has happened, I know you can think of at least one thing!).” Just one idea, please bring your ideas.

5) Teachers in K-2 will be involved with some literacy PD on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.

November 18: Staff meeting, 2-3pm
November 19: Invitations
November 23-27: Thanksgiving Break! NO SCHOOL
December 21-January 1: Winter Break, NO SCHOOL

Here’s to a great week ahead, and dreaming about vacation next week!

8 thoughts on “Monday Notes, November 16 2020”

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