Monday AM Notes, April 26

Greetings All!
It’s Spring time in Central Oregon, which means you never know what weather is coming your way–this weekend we got some sun, a little warmth, some hail, and some rain. I hope you enjoyed it all!

If my counting is correct we have only 38 days of school left–YOWZA! It feels like we are in a good groove right now and I have high hopes that the rest of the year is joy-filled and lots of fun! Let’s continue to do our best to fight the good fight and keep schools and the rest of the community open!

Big thanks to Matt and the 4th graders for this beautiful Earth Day mural!

Lots to share today, so thanks for your attention!
1) A big thanks to those of you actively bringing back our mantra: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each other, Take Care of this Place. If you still have not found time to work this in please be sure to take some time this week to re-introduce (or introduce) this to your students and talk about what each means in the context of our life here at Amity.

2) Short Staff Meeting on Tuesday at 3pm in the Staff Lounge.

3) Bike/Walk to School is May 5. The plan shared with families last week has two options:
-Bikers (mostly for Olders, Youngers can join if the parent joins) will meet at Pastini’s at 7:30am and ride to school. Matt has agreed to be the guide.
-Walkers will meet at Drake Park (near the parking lot) at 7:45am and walk to school along Broadway. I will take responsibility for this group.
-Teachers, if you want to join one of the groups let’s work together to make sure your classroom is covered until you arrive.
-I’ll be asking for lots of parent support
-Class may start a little late on this day…

4) New lunch pick up routine: Starting today students who are getting school lunch will go to the cafeteria to pick up their lunch. This will allow lunches to stay a little warmer and will allow us to offer a little more choice. Please send student to the cafeteria on your way out to lunch.

5) I have heard back from a few of you about the professional development day that is available to you. For those interest please confirm with me your intentions for the day and what day you plan to be out. Subs are at a premium and we’ll need to book them soon! If you don’t plan to use the day offered to you please let me know and I will offer your day to another teacher to extend their learning.

6) Grade 4 will be hosting Community Time this week–same time as previous weeks. Who will be next? Please let me know, I’d like to keep this rolling!

7) Audio/Video training on Wednesday at 2pm. If you’re interested come learn about the new sound and lighting systems.

8) While the remodel has updated all the lighting and provided us with automatic shut off when not in use, the delay in shutting down lights can be quite long. This means lights are being left on long after you leave your room. I’d prefer that we rely on the sensors to shut lights off when we forget rather than as the default. Please make the effort to turn off lights and fans when you leave your room. It’s not just the expense of wasted energy, it’s the principle of wasting energy. Thanks for your help!

9) Variety Show update: I have shared the following details with families–it would be great if you could make time to discuss the plan with students and encourage them to submit a video.
Shared info: Nothing will stop us from having our annual Variety Show!  This year we will do it using pre-recorded videos. See below for details:
~Students may share one video to be included in the Variety Show iMovie.  The video cannot be more than one minute and 30 seconds.  
~All videos must be received by Friday, May 7
~Before uploading, please be sure to name the file with your child’s first name and last initial 
~Videos can be submitted here in this Google Form: Variety Show Video Upload.   If you are not able to download the video on the form you can email it to me: [email protected], but please try your best to get it into the form! I’m so excited to see what your kiddos want to share with the community!

10) iPad passcodes: Students should not have passcodes on their iPads. Please take time first thing this week to have them turn off the passcode.

11) Reminder: Korey will be out of town from town May 3-14. This means no art on May 5 and 7 as well as on May 12 and 14. A great time to do some of your own art projects or other things you’ve been wanting to do!

Lastly, I’d like to use our May 12 SIW time to prepare for upcoming interviews. I’d like to be thoughtful and intentional about what it means to be the “right fit” at Amity and the kind of educators/people we want to add to our team at this crucial moment in our evolution. I’ll send out some questions the week before to help us guide our conversation. Also, our SIW on the 12th will be from 1:30-3pm

April 26: School Pictures
April 27: Short Staff Meeting, 3pm
April 28: AV training, 2pm in the gym
April 29/30: Grade 4 hosts Community Time
May 5: Bike/Walk to School
May 5: Staff Meeting, 2pm
May 5: Staff get together at Crux, 3:30pm
May 12: Interview Prep, 1:30-3pm

Here’s to a great 38 days ahead!

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