Monday AM Notes, October 30 2023

Good Morning Y’all,
I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the very well deserved 3 day weekend! And, I’m hoping that Conversations went really well!

A few notes to get you rolling:
1) I’ll be a little late this morning as my flight from LA does not arrive until 9:15am. I should be at school by 10am. I can be reached until 7am and then again after 9:15am (assuming that all goes well).

2) Following up after Conversations: Just a reminder to follow up with that handful of families that you made support plans with during Conversations. This can be a simple email capturing what you spoke about and what each of you committed to doing. Having it in writing can be super helpful and serves as a great reminder.

3) We’ll be Trick or Treating with masks on at the Ed Center on Tuesday starting at 1pm. Let’s stagger our departure from school:
K/1 leave at 12:50
2/3 leave at 12:55
4/5 leave at 1

When we get back let’s have some play time on the playground. After, Grade 4 can get to PE.

4) Jammie Jam on Wednesday! Pledge sheets are due today–please be sure you include a reminder in your weekly notes. Here’s the plan:
*Parents will set up the course starting around 9am. Depending on the weather we will either be inside or outside.
*K-2 will be on the course from 10-10:30am. We’ll need help from EAs to count laps
*3-5 will be on the course from 10:30-11am. Please help with lap counting!

5) If you’re planning to show a movie on Wednesday please be sure you check out Common Sense media to get some intel on the movie before you commit to it: Common Sense. Also, you might want to check to see if the movie is working on your projector system the day before because Ray recently ran into an issue trying to show a movie. Let me know if it’s not working and we’ll problem solve.

6) I sent you an email related to Goal Setting meetings. If you haven’t signed up for a meeting time yet please do! Thanks to those of you who have already done so!

7) Christine Bachtel, Emory’s mom, will be our visiting artist in November–she’ll be doing ceramics with the kids! All sessions are planned to happen during your Enrichment times and will be supported by Gina. There may be a little time here and there that Chris may need to work with kids in your class outside of Enrichment time and she will coordinate that with each of you.

Upcoming this week
October 31: Trick or Treat at the Education Center, 1pm
October 31: Team Collaboration Time, 2:45pm-3:30pm
November 1: Jammie Jam! K-2: 10-10:30am, 3-5: 10:30-11am
November 1: School based SIW–lots of good stuff to talk about!

Upcoming through Winter Break
November 7: Staff Meeting (Add to the Agenda). Andy’s last day for a while…
November 8: School based SIW
November 10: No School, Veteran’s Day
November 14: Team Collaboration Time, 2:45-3:30pm
November 15: Teacher work day SIW
November 16: Amity Eats, MOD Pizza (by Market of Choice)
November 20-24: No School, Thanksgiving Break
November 28: Staff Meeting (add to the agenda)
November 29: School based SIW
December 6: Teacher work day SIW
December 12: Team Collaboration Time
December 13: Teacher work day SIW
December 18-January 1: No School, Winter Break!

*Cafe Amity dates: November 8 (Grade 3 hosts), November 29 (Grade 2 hosts), December 13 (Grade 1 hosts)
*Bread and Jam dates: November 3, November 17, December 8

Here’s to a great week and fun filled week ahead!